Monday-Friday 7:00am-2:00pm        Saturday & Sunday 7:00am-3:00pm
Egg Heaven Cafe
Est. 1970

4358 East 4th St.  Long Beach, CA 90814   (562) 433-9277
(4th  &  Ximeno Ave)

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      In 1970 a lot of life changing events were occurring all over the world!  Richard Nixon was President, Apollo 13 launched to the moon, The Beatles announced they were parting ways and Egg Heaven Café was established. 
Located just south of Los Angeles County in Long Beach (4th & Ximeno Ave), Egg Heaven Café was not only known for its affordable homemade cooking and generous portions but also for it’s local charm! The café was a very popular meeting place where many of the local residents, artists, musicians and students would gather for great food and conversation.

     Originally built in 1923, this location started off as a pharmacy which served the local residents for over 20 years.  The location was eventually turned into a tapestry dress shop before becoming “Dubbs Café”, which was the local café/bakery the neighborhood kids would help out at after school. Finally in 1970, Egg Heaven Café was established.
A special relationship would develop over the next 40+ years with both residents and students. When visiting Long Beach, out of town Alumni’s still make it a point to visit the café where they had so many cherished memories.  It seems as if they all have their own unique story about a memorable time of in their life that involved Egg Heaven Café.  Once you walk in the door, you can feel the history!  Many of the local artists would leave their artwork behind as a way of saying “Thanks to everyone who made this place so special”.  In 1973 the Egg Heaven Café held a local art contest, where local artists could use the ceiling tiles as a canves to paint creative paintings. These same ceiling panels along with other artwork and poetry are still displayed in the restaurant.  They were left behind  by the loyal customers that wanted to give back to a place that meant so much to them.

    Our way of saying “Thank You” to all the loyal customers that made us who we are today, is by continuing to serve large tasty homemade breakfast portions, in the same family oriented setting we did back in 1970!  We hope to see you soon!